Pre-Order: Character Development in Blender 2.5

Hey everyone!

My new book on Character Development in Blender 2.5 is getting close to shipping and is now available for pre-order on Blender Cookie!

This book is intended to provide an ample introduction to character modeling for both beginning artists and more advanced Blender users.

The book starts by giving a beginner overview of the Blender interface and many of its tools. It then goes on to begin the actual character modeling process, showing each step of the way, getting progressively more advanced with each step.

You find more in on the book and pre-ordering via the Blender Cookie post here:’s-character-development-in-blender-book/

Or alternatively you can pre-order it from Amazon.

The book is set to ship on June 16th, 2011.

Cool another one to add to the libary

whats the difference between character development and character modelling. Maybe you should say something about character development in the opening post or on blender cookie so that people will get the gist. After all theres a big difference between character development and character modelling

cool character. does it also cover rigging?

I’m not seeing rigging @ Amazon, a comprehensive table of contents would be nice.

I would second that request, is there anything on sculpting in this book. What workflow are you using. I hope there is a modern workflow here of based around sculpting and than retopology but am not holding my breath on account of the screen shot am seeing.

If there is some extensive info on sculpting and and particle hair especially shading it than I will probably buy the book. If it is just old school poly modeling a la Joan of Arc than that would be a pass on my part as the internet is bursting with free tutorials in that vein.

You’re in luck! I spend a significant time on sculpting and retopology, along with regular poly-by-poly and box modeling.

“Character Modeling” might have been a more accurate title, but after some discussion with the publisher we decided to go with “Development” as the book touches on many things to think about when modeling a character.

As for the table of contents, I will work to get that added later today. A sample chapter should also be online soon.

That’s good to hear I didn’t buy Angela’s DVD purely on the reason that it didn’t have anything sculpt related. There really is just too much good freely available information when it comes to character modeling particularly poly by poly or box modeling so I can’t see myself buying anything that I can get similar info with a quick Google Search.

This gives me enough reason to consider buying it now I just need to check the whole table of contents and the sample chapter to make up my mind.

Does it have a chapter on character development.
Character development can take months, character modeling can take hours. Modeling is really a small part of the development process.

Wow, apparently I knew the answer all along! :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s really great to hear rigify is covered, given the quality of your Blendercookie tutorials I will start saving my pennies for this.

Just FYI,

I’m pretty sure the version that will be out then will be 2.59, and 2.60 is the BMesh target, where the mesh modeling tools; sculpt tools; texturing, and retopo tools will probably have significant differences…

Is this book a worthwhile purchase for complete beginners?

The first few chapters of the book go through the basics of Blender, everything from the interface to modeling. A complete beginner should be able to follow along without much trouble.