Pre-Production & Post-Production

I need a quick definition for these two terms and what exactly do they mean. Also I would like to know where exactly does modeling, texturing, lighting, etc would fit in? Is it in the pre-production stage or during production??

Thanks in advance!

P.S. I need to make a list of my abilities ranging from pre all the way to post but I’m not sure where some of them go.

e.g. story telling, writing, generating ideas, 3D modeling, texturing, lighting, color correction, vfx, etc…

Personally never heard anyone use the term pre-production. It seems like a vague term that could mean any stage from a simple idea in your head to preliminary design doodles/drawings.

From what I’ve gathered, pre-production ranges from idealizing, to everything in between before actually getting into the production stage. But I don’t know if 3D modeling, texturing, etc falls along that category or not.

I think pre-production is preparing before actual work (from your list story telling, writing, generating ideas)
production is actual work on 3D modeling, texturing, lighting, rigging, animation, rendering etc
and post-production is finalizing like color correction, adding vfx, etc.

Pre Production tends to be something films do - When they say something is in Pre-Production, there isn’t any actual shooting going on, just the stuff before that (casting / Writing / etc).

Not sure what the CG equivalent is - Story boarding maybe?

I’m wondering if modeling fits into pre-production just looking at a wiki page about it if the main goal for what you’re doing is an animation then essentially it’s a film of sorts like a commercial shoot I’m sure they do the same things.

And here’s the one on there for post-production

That is exactly what my original thought was too

Thanks for the links! I had glanced over them before but I was still a bit confused on how it would apply for an animation or a video game.

Pre-production: Getting the money, by persuading someone who has some that you can actually do this.

Post-production: Turning miles of exposed film into something that might persuade the previously-mentioned people not to shoot you.

I have to admit that is the funniest yet accurate answer I’ve seen so far lol

Hey CGSiino check this link out. About 1600 hundred hours over two years. Now from your post I assume you are thinking about a short film. Having done one I call anything over a minute and a half a short film. LOL! Believe me until you start you won’t realize how much work a minute and a half involves when working without a team. Also this other link. This one done by one guy over three years. Working alone this was a unbelievable piece of work.

Preproduction includes writing the script, drawing pictures of the characters, planning out the shots in storyboards, and crating a mock up version of the film called a animatic. Postproduction is anything you do after you have the final product. This includes rendering and compositing, as well as getting your movie sold.