Pre-Render and Rendering Tip ? (GPU 100degrees heat)

Hello today I am writing this topic to ask if I am doing something wrong
I’ve made an object (of simple form but is having 4k textures on it so… it looks simple but it is actually heavy) and duplicated 10 of it.
Suddenly I started hearing huge noise coming out from my gpu and I check it’s temperature
and it is 100 degrees Celsius (I was not rendering, I was just in object mode, viewport mode Evee)
I’ve instantly switched to wireframe mode and I don’t have that huge heat and noise anymore
I didn’t know that duplicating objects was so dangerous like this T _ T

I am afraid if I am doing something wrong … because I see lot of scenes and projects
with multiple complex objects and mine compared to them it is fairly simple and I am having this
issue. (and my pc is one of the latest and strong one, ryzen 5900x, rx6900xt ram64gb)

I noticed lowering the viewport quality to 1 kinda solves this issue and I can use evee mode
without problem. So in summary when my scene starts getting heavy objects
should I lower the viewport quality ? (to not get huge load to my gpu causing noise and sound)

I also noticed while having the same heavy objects in scene
pre render Evee on viewport with low (1) viewport quality : fine no problem
pre render Evee on viewport with high (16) viewport quality : huge load to my gpu (very high temp, noise)
render Evee with high (16) render quality : fine no problem

with what I see, having the high quality level in viewport is more dangerous than
having the high quality level rendering am I right ?

are you using a 4k monitor ? you could tell your graphics card to cap at 80° degrees.

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If you refer to Rendered viewport shading mode in Eevee that’s almost like final rendering. And if as mentioned above, if you have 4k monitor and a big viewport, it is almost like rendering at that resolution.
Does the problem happen to you with any scene? Are you using heavy volumetrics? Could you share the scene where the problem occurs?

Anyway, 100ºC seems somewhat excessive to me. Make sure you have a good cooling profile for the fans, clean and running fans, and no overclocking.

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yes I am using 4k Monitor

How do you cap the gpu’s temp ? If you are talking about undervolting, my gpu is
already undervolted and optimized, I can run every game (even the latest released game)
in 4k ultra setting 60fps below 80 degrees Celsius so… I think the problem is not coming from my gpu.

yes I am refering to rendered viewport shading mode in evee.

I solved this issue by lowering the viewport render quality to 1.
but the strange thing is that, if, “Rendered viewport shdaing mode in Evee” is like
“Rendering in Evee” the same issue should also happen when I am rendering but
it is happening when I am really rendering with F12
(Rendered to 3840x2160 4k like my viewport)

Render Quality : 16 = No problem no Heat
Viewport pre render Quality : 16 = Huge Heat, Huge Noise

Sorry I can’t share the scene because I’ve modified, optimized the scene after I wrote this topic.
But I am pretty sure you can remake this issue at your side with few steps

1.Create Object with lot of vertices (100,000 ~ 500,000)
2.Give it 4k Texture
3.Duplicate it 10 times
4.Raise your Viewport Quality to high (above 8 I guess ?)
5.Switch your viewport mode to “rendered viewport shading mode in Evee”

You will see your computer starting to get abnormal heats and
ready to burn in next 5minutes (so… I suggest you to not to do it)

To solve this you have two options
one is to switch your viewport mode to wireframe or something else than
“rendered viewport shading mode in Evee”
another one is to lower the viewport quality to 1

after applying one of these 2 options, try to render the scene with F12
please note that your render quality should be set to the value of the
viewport quality which, you had the problem (if it was 16, set it to 16)
and surprisingly you will not see that heat and noise that you saw in pre rendered viewport
shading mode in Evee.

So to summarize what I learnt from this situation
“Pre rendered viewport shading mode in Evee”
is more heavy and dangerous than “Rendering the scene in Evee”
beacuse even set to same quality level, the problem occurs only on
“pre rendered viewport shading mode in Evee”

its 100% possible to run blender at lower resolutions on a 4k monitor. i dnt know how right now , but a google search should help , i used the reverse 2 years ago to get 4k screenshots from google earth even though i only have 1080p monitors.

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Thank you for the kind suggestion but I don’t want to reduce the resolution
below 4k, because if I reduce the viewport quality to 1 the problem is solved

I am just questioning why this problem is happening in
“pre rendered viewport shading mode in Evee” and not while rendering with f12

There are 4 shading modes (the sphere icons at the top right of the viewport): Wireframe, Solid, Material Preview, Rendered. The first two (Wireframe, Solid) are Workbench engine. Material Preview is Eevee engine. Rendered can be Eevee or Cycles depending on which render engine you have selected in the Render tab in the properties panel.
The first two modes (Wireframe, Solid) shouldn’t put too much strain on the GPU, so if you are having overheating in those modes, you should report the problem to the bug tracker, trying to share a .blend file with developers (create the .blend file with those steps you mentioned to reproduce the problem). It is always better to share the .blend file, and not the steps to recreate the problem.

If you were referring to “Rendered” mode while in the Eevee engine, it demands the GPU almost as much as F12 final render at 4K if you have a 4K monitor.

From where are you configuring that setting?
If you are referring to Sampling settings, if you have set the same Sampling settings values for Viewport and Render, then in Camera View with Camera occupying the entire size of the Viewport it should behave similarly to F12 render. (and considering that the size of the viewport is occupying a large part of the size of your monitor/screen).
So that would be the correct way to compare Viewport Redered mode with F12 render, in Camera view mode in Viewport, and trying to set the camera frame to occupy the full size of the viewport.

You can reduce the viewport resolution in “Rendered” mode only for Cycles (Render tab properties, Performance, Viewport, Pixel Size). This is useful so that Cycles render work in viewport is not so heavy in hidpi monitors.
For Eevee Rendered mode there is no possible setting to reduce viewport resolution. It is a feature planned for sometime, but not yet implemented.
Just for testing purposes, you could simulate reducing the viewport resolution in Renered mode by shrinking the Blender window, for example occupying 1/4 the size of the monitor/screen.

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Blender or not, I would definitely check the cooling if I were you.
Are the fans on the GPU working? Is the passive heater full of dust? Do you have enough fans on your case to get the hot air out? etc.

I read that rx6900xt can run a bit hot, but 100 C is excessive. No GPU should reach that temperature even under heavy load.


And make sure you are not using a Quiet cooling profile, it could take time to react to heavy work (like the ones that happen when you navigate/orbit the viewport in Rendered mode) and cause temperatures to reach high peaks.
And of course not overclocking your GPU. If you have installed some GPU utility, you make sure it is not set for some kind of overclocking.

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if you dont want to reduce the resolution (maybe to 2.5K at least?) you can just reduce the size of the eevee rendered viewport and use another viewport in workbenchmode for actual modelling etc. , i guess on a 4k monitor theres enough space for that

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GPU Fans working greatly, it doesn’t have any dust on it, like I said previously in this post
I can run every game in high setting with low temp I don’t think this is my gpu’s fault

You are right it is supposed to resist untill 110C but I am also afraid when it goes above 100C
that’s why I underclocked and undervolted my gpu, it runs smoother and cooler

I am not using Quiet cooling profile, I understand your idea and you are right, when I switched to Evee rendered viewport mode my gpu started to making huge noise with heat it was like going 10% usage to 100% in 1second but ! the thing is that , I am not using quiet cooling profile

I never overclock my gears, I usually underclock and undervolt for long term safe usage
my gpu is underclocked and undervolted and this happened :frowning:

Thank you for the kind suggestion, when I’ll start getting more stuffs and lags in my scene gotta google and try this method

Yeah I confuse their name often xD The one what I was having the problem is the last one
“Rendered viewport mode of Eevee and Cycle” (on my case it was Eevee)

Yeah you are right in wireframe and solid mode I shouldn’t have problem and I didn’t have problem on wireframe and solide viewport mode

Yes I was referring to "Rendered"mode with Eevee, like you said it demands the gpu almost as much as F12 final render. but the strange thing that I am questioning is the problem is occuring only in “Rendered Eevee viewport mode” not with the F12 Final Render (if it happened on both i could understand everything but it only happened when I was rendering with f12, it happened only when I was navigating the scene with “Rendered mode Eevee” I could feel myself instantly that something was going wrong when I switched from solide view mode to rendered Eevee view mode since the gpu started crying so much

Yep I was referring to sampling settings
Since Rendered view mode in Viewport is very similar with Final Render of F12
when set both sampling value to
Render : 16
Viewport : 16
the problem should occur on both situation
while I am navigating on the viewport with rendered view in Eevee
and while rendering with f12 button

but that heat and noise didn’t come when I pushed F12 to render the scene in Eevee
it only came when I switched the viewport to rendered view in Eevee

Does that always happen or the first time you switch to Renedered mode while shaders are being compiled? If it happens only the first time, there is single-threaded CPU work during compilation shaders. Are you sure the noise is not coming from CPU fans? Otherwise all I can think of is a quiet cooling profile that takes time to react, but you say you are not using that kind of cooling profile.

Here is the old abandoned task to be able to change the resolution of Eevee viewport if anyone is interested in giving a thumbs up to get the attention of developers (and there is also Right-Click Select submission link):

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Could you download “Mr Elephant” Eevee sample scene and tell us what temperature your GPU reaches while you constantly orbit/navigate the viewport in Rendered mode?

So in this way we have a common scene with which to make comparisons between all of us.

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you cannot compare eevee to a gameengine , eevee still uses lots of cpu routines and constantly has to upload and download to the gpu memory with the old ass opengl. i reach 40% gpu (rtx 3060) in simple scenes which a game engine would run at 1000 fps easily

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I am sure the noise was coming from the gpu fan not cpu
my cpu is using liquid aio cooler and they sound very differently

Ok I downloaded and opened this file and navigated the scene in
Rendered mode Eevee

CPU : 1~10% 50 C Idle (opened the scene, doing nothing)
GPU : 0~6% 56 C Idle (opened the scene, doing nothing

CPU : 11% 53 C navigating the scene in Eevee mode
GPU : 60%~100% 60~93C (mostly 60~80ish highest was 93C) navigating the scene in Eevee mode

I see why you told me to try this scene it has almost the same equivalent number of vertices
that I had in my scene (it should have near 5mil vertices also) it’s weird I wonder why I am not getting
the issue I had on my scene hmmmm…

you are right, depending of games and scenes some could be heavier than others but imho my scene was not really that heavy and I experienced this issue