Pre-Render and Rendering Tip ? (GPU 100degrees heat)

I asked you to test that scene because it’s one of the heaviest sample scenes for Eevee shared there. It’s a heavy scene for Eevee because it has a lot of lights, materials, and volumetrics.

It would be best if you find or build a scene where you have the problem and where you can share the .blend file with other users or with the developers in a bug report.

what is there to share ?? eevee will be slow and use lots on electricity … even if you just use transparent imageplanes with an emission shader , a few grease pencil objects and no lighting …

until the rewrite to vulcan and then some this wont change. his gpu is already hitting 100% , theres nothing he can do about it unless he lowers the visuals (thats not our goal here imo)

I think cryptocurrency miners have similar problems and i heard what they do is undervolt their GPU. Certainly only run everything at stock clocks, no OC what so ever on ram cpu or GPU… And yea research under volting for your specific GPU which can make it more power efficient and run at a lower core temp.
Or try rendering with a different engine like luxrender which uses OpenCL on AMD cards and is superior to cycles in quality, (it only runs on blender 2.92 but you could still do your work in eevee in the latest blender then export it out to luxrender for rendering)