pre-rendered turntables ?


i saw a script that can make turntables like these for blender …

i don’t remember it’s name , please help me , …
i mean a way to integrate the image sequence into the web too


Here you go

No plug-ins required, just java script. :smiley:

Exactly !! , thanks , DLDed , i wonder if this will work on new blender , also wondering if it can be implemented in wordpress …

~experimenting …

yes, as long as the pictures you used are named properly. You can make your own turn tables too by parenting a camera to a bizerez circle, and selecting follow path. you can tweak the java script file really easy, he leaves nice comments, and spaces so it is easy to read.

Not sure about wordpress. If you can embed webpages somehow i bet it will work. I still need to install and learn wordpress for our company blog.

Heh, that thing’s pretty cool…have to try the multiple views later.

nice work uncle entity .