Pre - rendering system

I am novice in the World 3d, but one think is common in all 3D programs. The time expending in renders.

I am waiting for the unforgetable day when someone create an efficient render system which you could check your work quickly before making the final render.

Actualy this process expend to many time of artists and ask for enourmous volume of memory, and sometimes it can be broken during the process.

If Blender 2.5 solution offers this kind of new I think many people will make a party to celebrate this day.

Tio Ilmo

Just render with no OSA and at about 50-25% in size to the final render size you want.

Really speeds up the process for test renders. Thus, it makes it easy to see how the final will be before you go and run a full blown, high OSA render.


Do like Toy Story? Nice movie huh? Average render time is 8 hours for ONE frame if I’m not mistaken. In Monster Inc. that was about 12 hours per frame for every scene where Sully is in it.

Toy Story with today PC hardware would take a couple of seconds to minutes to render I reckon.

My point is, you can get quick renders for simple scenes. But for very complex stuff, even the industry with their 500+ CPU’s in their renderfarm do test renders akin to what BDGM suggested. And even then they do a lot of composition and post pro afterwards.

LPics is what you want.
Not sure if you’ll be able to convince PIXAR to give it to you, though.

LightWave has VIPER, which is basically a quick preview renderer.
That is the thing we need
That is the thing we need[/quote]

Yeah, I was going to mention that as well. Totally worth the $400 price tag, I’d say. I’ll be purchasing it soon…