Pre Viz on Linux

I use Blender for a lot of stuff and I’m starting to get into making short films. I thought about using Blender for the Pre viz and Shot list but then I found Muvizu and was very happy with it. You could easily, and quickly (Quicker than in Blender for Pre viz quality) make a scene to help demonstrate the lighting and camera movements and actions of the actors. however it is only for windows and its not open source which isn’t a huge problem but I need it to be on Linux Ubuntu. Is there any other software that is similar. Please and Thank you.

Will it run on Wine?

Steve S

I have never had any success with wine. I have tried to run Hitfilm, Spotify, and many other programs using wine but it always makes Ubuntu act up and the programs never run. So I have given up on wine and usually I have been able to find a Linux alternative… until now.