Precise CAD-like self-adjusting measurement lines/arrows

Does anybody know of any add-on that can help to add precise CAD-like measurement-indicating lines/arrows that would self-adjust if the object’s dimensions are changed? The only one I know is the Measureit add-on, but it is very cumbersome to use compared to Sketchup’s Dimention-tool ( ). Here is also an add-on ( ) that’s even better than the original tool. For those of you looking to write a killer python script/add-on, something like this would be a massive improvement, kind of like the CAD Transform Addon.
Thank you.

Is this what you need?

I tried Construction Lines Add-on. I tried it on the imported cad plan, but snapping is not perfect. It’s clicking somewhat near point. Any idea how do we get the exact snapping point?

Construction lines is very slow to make action.
You do not move with mouse after clicking for maybe 1 second, and then it will be OK

ok I will try, I hope Developer will attended this major issue