precise character translation

greetz members, im 2.49b users

i know the simplest way to translate walking character is to add the ‘walking action’ and simple motion actuators. the issue is that the walking animation will not always synchronize with the constant value of the simple motion and so
foot sliding will occur. so im asking the right way to make a precise translation of walking character, any tips/tricks will do. thanks!

If you slide (on ice) your leg motion will not fit your body motion either …

I suggest to create a walk cycle animation that creates a linear body motion with the constant speed you are aiming for. I know this is not easy if you didn’t designed it that way right from the beginning. To make things easier for you … just the feet on the ground need to match the constant motion. It might help if you have an animated ground (not part of the game) that enables you to identify the spots where to place the feet (toes … heels etc.) … something like footprints. I think you can get help on that in the animation forum as this is a typical animation issue.