Precise polycount tool

I don´t know if this is a dumb question, because my internet is rotting itself in the last days, so I couldn´t use the forum search very well, but there is an option/tool in blender which shows your model specifications? Like quads,triangles, size and such? Anim9or(sorry :stuck_out_tongue: ) had one option like this but where is it in blender?
A link to a similar thread would be good too if you don´t want to explain again

This thread contains an answer. The default Blender’s way of counting does not discriminate between quads and tris and calls them faces all together. When in edit mode, you can see the count for every individual object.

With <N> you can get the transform properties. In object mode, this shows the size of the object as well as other things. In edit mode, it’'l give you info on whichever vertex/edge/face you have selected. Not much anyway.

In Edit mode, under Mesh Tool 1 (I said Mesh Tools 1, which is to the right of the Editing Panel <F9>) you can draw edge length and angle. There you’ll also find a little button which shows the area of every face when activated.

Hope that helps.


thanks,it will help
but one more question if I may, my model have 4588 faces(full body+hair +eyes+clothing+head), is it ok for a game where at some parts there will be 5 people+few cars passing at the same time?

Doing that will make the game unplayable to many people (30k + faces IS a lot) so unless your audience has powerful computers, you should dramatically decrease the poly count.
Don’t forget that it’s not only the polys which determine how easy (or hard) a game is on the computer. Particles, textures, lighting, physics and logic all contribute to that.
But it doesn’t mean you don’t have many polys to spend that you’ll wind up with bad graphics. :slight_smile: Just look at the 6th generation games (PS2, xbox, gamecube). Looking carefully, you’ll see it’s mostly the textures which do the trick. Without 'em, the low amount of polys would be obvious.

Have a nice day

Oh yes, I have noticed it, in fact I studied some game images for my own creation,I will try to lower the poly count, maybe the separated clothing is the responsible for it, Should the charater cloth be the body? all together? But there isn´t many problems, I have only to work at my high definition model to create a low poly version
and thanks again

Usually, clothing is included in the texture with covers the body so no separate mesh for that. Unless your character’s clothing requires some extra verts to make it believable (like a backpack, a high collar, an open vest which waves in the wind… check the main characters of Final Fantasy X: they all have something extra about their clothing though that kind of detail may be too much).
Try to find the compromise between performance and quality which is suitable for you and your game.

Oh sorry :smiley: ,subsurf was on, my model poly count with everything else is 1300, it should have a animated skirt. Is it fine for the specification I gave before or should I lower the poly count even more(the quality wasn´t affected very much), what do you say, at a moderate computer it would run(using jpeg textures)

Again, all depends on your target audience (meaning their computer specs) and, of course, the intended type of video game. 1300 verts for a main character is should be good if you’re aiming at an audience with moderately good specs… Usually the main character has more verts than other actors anyway. If you think you have too many total verts (the level, all objects, actors… present at the same time) then think of cutting some verts here and there.
Believe me: preserving visual quality while cutting back on the verts is an art :wink:
jpeg’s are the best if you need small file sizes, but PNG is the best compromise between quality and size I think (or are PNGs not allowed as textures in the BGE?).
Just some advice: subsurf is a bad idea for a game. Subsurf creates extra vertices, it does NOT just smooth the surface of your mesh.
And I don’t have a problem with it if you post a screen of the character here. It’d be nice to see how your game is going :slight_smile:

Of course it´s an art, and thanks to you, I´m starting to master it, here is the previous 1300 poly model, but later I made only 865 and got better results!
Note that it´s a work in progress, it needs some better textures and some animation later(I will handle that), The face use gets better with time


Guess you understood what I meant by those “extra verts to make clothing more believable”. :smiley: Nice boots you got there.
865 is a great polygon count! Don’t go below that for your character. I knew of someone who managed to pull off around 600 verts while still having an awesome character (the thread was somewhere in the Game Engine forum, about 3 or 4 months ago).
The model itself is a great start. A minor crit: some parts of the mesh (like head and hips) seem disproportional to the rest of the body. Of course, that may be the style you’re going for.
If you’re ready to go for a game, I’d advise leaving the character and it’s texture the way they are (except rigging, of course) and start doing other parts of the game, like the cars you mentioned, the level, physics, a storyboard and such.
Hear from you soon in the Game Engine forum!

All right! I have an idea about my game, it will have 5 levels(burning lab,city and enemy lab) the player will be an genetic engineered soldier which wasn´t completed because one corporation invaded the other corporation lab where you were being developt, the game will go and the player will had to choose between good or bad decisions which will influence the game, there will be a mutation gauge which will fill every time you use your most powerfull attacks, you choose if you prefer to mutate in a moster(sacrificing your humanity) or stay human and help the mankind this way, of course all will be a quick game(later I expand it if I can)

Those are some great ideas. :wink: If I were you, I’d leave the Good/Bad system and the mutation gauge on the sketch board - you can implement those later on.
You’ll have to learn about the game engine so go to the Game Engine forum and pick up on some of the examples and make some small, test versions of games to learn how you can do certain things. Don’t be ashamed to ask anything to the guys over there (personally, I don’t really work with the Game Engine).
Once you start to get the feel for the engine (and blender in it’s entirety) you can start making your game.
The BGE (blender game engine) might be easier than hand-coding everything yourself but it sure isn’t a cakewalk :stuck_out_tongue:

So, let’s get blendin’!

Oh, I was hoping to use C++ and a blender/DirectX conversor to make the game, because it ensures the program runs at most computer with few bugs,and allow me to isolate program pieces and implement later, I´m inclined to accept a 1 year development time for this game(or less, but the quality and size will drop), what you think about it?

It’s entirely your choice what you do with your game. Blender is capable of exporting to a fair amount of other file formats and you can just make your own script if you want to.
I don’t know how easy it is to use Blender for creating models and then export them to a DirectX environment.
I suppose your audience are Windows users? Keep in mind that many people on this forum run a distro of Linux.
I cannot tell how accurate your predictions of working on the game for 1 year are since I don’t know how experienced you are with all that is involved in creating a game.
At any rate, I’d advise to stick to the BGE unless you want to get involved in the gaming industry or are prepared to do some learning. In the former case I tell you 2 things:
1: Specialize in one thing (be that AI programming, modeling, artwork, concept…)
2. Good luck. :smiley:

Yes, I see, I have another question,I made an good body model for that charater from before and textured it with no problem, but the head and hair are all separated, you advice me to join head+body and head+hair?
Of course my head+hair experiment lowered the poly count to 650, but working at the mesh got very dificult (many verts at one place) and the results weren´t optimal, but head+body worked fine, maybe for female the hair should be separated? I tried to join only the top of the hair with the top of the head, and I said it got more-less fine, because visualization and working is still hard

Sorry, I concluded which separated hair is better, the topology/vizualization, effects and low-poly is better this way, I only needed to rework the hair a bit, I´ll better the texture, here is the model til now


thanks man, now to animation section
Ah, I forgot to say which you´re now im my buddy list, thanks again :smiley: