precise sync of music track drums and IPO keys

Hello, people

I could have probably missed something, but so far I’ve failed to find info of precise syncing audio and IPO keys.

I have quite a lengthy (3 min+) audio track with drums, and I’d like to sync drums and lamp energy IPO keys for testing purposes.

Using cyclic interpolation on IPO curves results in music and this-kind-of-animation getting out of sync completely with time - by the end of the track it is completely intolerable.

Any advice how to solve this problem - or where can I read about it?

Thanks in advance!

You need some kind of beat analysis script that generates IPO. I’m not sure if that exists?

Does the audio analysis script work with Blender 2.49? Perhaps that would work?
There is also a tutorial about it.

if you are using 2.49, use the soundtracker script by technoestupido. its a lot more recent than the audio analysis script.
blender 2.5 has the script built in as an f-curve modifier. it generates the ipos almost instantly, where the script in 2.49 may take a little while. ive gotten really cool results, try them out!
@Atom: you should know about this, you wrote in that thread! :wink:

Oh nice! Thank you!
I should try it, too. :smiley:

youre welcome! try it, its a lot of fun to tweak.

Thanks a lot, ppl! Too bad, Blender (2.49b) crashes as soon as I try to render out AVI Codec video… :-\

Gotta do something about that. I have ACE Mega CoDecs pack, seems the problem is there somewhere…

oh, in 2.5, its not a modifier (my mistake).
use the space bar search for “bake sound”. one annoying thing about 2.5’s way is that it bakes the curves, “locking” it in, so you cant edit the curves at all…i posted my opinion that it shouldnt be baked on some thread here, but the developers didnt seem to think it was a big deal…:frowning:

Your problem is the ACE Mega codecs. You don’t want those, they are basically used to view poorly compressed illegal movies people download from the internet. Get rid of them. Completely uninstall all those buggy, virus infected things. Now download Virtual DUB and run it. It will detected if you have these bad codecs installed in your machine.

In Blender render to an image sequence, not an AVI. Then import the sequence in to Virtual DUB and you can use that program to make your final AVI.

If I render to AVI, which is incredibly rare, I generally render to the Lagarith Multi-Processor lossless codec (which is free). Then I send that AVI to NeroVision and let Nero handle the transcoding to make a DVD.

Nice one wysiwyg, been wondering if it was possible/built in in 2.5. Just been playing around with it and I totally agree with you that not being able to edit it is a massive problem! Is there a way to unbake it? Because it seems pretty useless otherwise, which is a bit of a shame.

yes, im glad you agree! i spoke to theeth, i think it was, or maybe one of the other developers about this. he said there isnt a way to “unbake” it, and that they felt having it baked is a better option, if they had enough people against the idea, they would consider changing it. personally i dont see the advantage of baking an animation curve at all… so you dont by mistake change it? thats what the lock button is for…