Precise way of doing things

(Joe Smith) #1

As you can see in the image. Is there a way to precisely put these selected boxes 2 cm (as an example) deep into the main object?

See this main object, I used a cube to make this. Is there a way to precisely use the loop cut to make an arch as I am attempting to do that?

(Dimitar) #2

One way to do it is via creating separate objects

If each you snap align in object mode, then you can move the objects with the gizmo set in local space inwards. Once you have them positioned as you wish, you can join the objects to the main object to apply modifiers to all.

(Joe Smith) #3

Thanks for that :slight_smile:

But how do I do this though?

(RickyBlender) #4

for arc use the spin tool !

happy bl

(Joe Smith) #5

Not too sure how to use the spin tool, may I please have a set-by-step guide on this?

(Dito) #6

(Joe Smith) #7

This looks like Blender 2.8, am I correct?

(Dito) #8

Yes, the Picture above is 2.8.

And this is 2.79.