Precision Modeling in Blender - Tools and Addons - free ebook available

Hi all,

Two years ago I created an ebook Precision Modeling In Blender. Tools and Addons describing tools that Blender provides that can help in precision modeling. The book also covers some addons that were available at that moment (2014).
It was originally created as part of Andrew’s Price Architecture Academy course (second edition - or version 1.5 if I remember correctly).

Now I would like to share it with all of you for free. I hope many people find it useful on their learning path towards better understanding how to model stuff the way you wanted in Blender.

Here is a short description of what the book is about:

The purpose of this book is to present tools and addons available in Blender that can help you model objects with greater precision. My main focus is on architectural and mechanical modeling. However a lot of ideas can be used in any 3D modeling work. I hope that after knowing the tools you will be able to model anything you can imagine.In this book I mainly concentrate on modeling, measuring and aligning objects. I also want to share some ideas of how you can improve and speed up your modeling workflow in Blender. I am not going to cover UV unwrapping, texturing, materials, rigging, animation or rendering as these are completely separate things. However you need to bear in mind that a good model is always the basis for the success in other areas. A well-designed model with good mesh topology will be easier to texture, rig, animate. It will also render faster if you use optimal number of faces to achieve the desired form.
In this book you will find many modeling tips and a lot of examples and exercises you can do. I personally love learning by doing examples. Theory is very important but you can only learn something if you start doing it yourself.

And here is the link to the free edition of the book:

Just a warning: it is over 400 pages long with lots of mini-tutorials and examples.


tried the link on top right on windows

but then I get a big warning that this site is listed as containing Virus or bad things !

any idea why ?

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I don’t know why you are having these issues…

I found this page as an option for uploading pdfs. I don’t see that warning to be honest on my windows machine…

You can try this link to get to download:

Note: There is a Captcha window on download page. If you type the digits/letters inside the textfield it should start download. If you click on the Captcha window it will redirect you to some other page…

Hope that helps…

I think I did click on the captcha and then I got the big red warning from MS !

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Me too! :frowning: Same thing!

I tried the link to download the pdf, but it is not working.
Could you upload the pdf again
Thanks ;D

Two votes for a renewed link. I’d love to get my hands on this book, too.