Precision object creation

Hello again! I need to create a cylinder object at the exact center of an object. How can I accomplish this? What I am attempting is to have a cylinder revolve around an object, so the cylinder must be in an exact position for it to look good. Thanks!

Remember that objects are created at the location of the 3D cursor. You can snap the cursor to wherever you wish. Your question though is a bit confusing to me. If you wish to have your cylinder revolve around an object, what is the purpose of having it centered in the object?

Well once it is centered I will resize it. The original object will be my axis (literally) and I need to have arms rotating around it as it turns. So I want the arms to be centered “in” the object first.
I want to snap the 3D cursor to the center of the object (there is a purple dot that seems to indicate the center of objects, so I want to snap the cursor there)

Oh, this must be for your ship? I’m not very sure of your mesh geometries, but I think that I would select your arms and the hub that they are attached to, then part them into their own object, if they are symmetrical you should be able to give the newly created object its new center by using “center new” button. Then use shift+Skey to snap the cursor to the objects center.

Actually all you had to say was press shift + S :stuck_out_tongue: