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hey blederes,
i was wondering:
Is there a some python script or anything that would do for CAD drawing an measuring units in BLENDER? I want to know if a building can be made in blender or anything with a precise input units or dimensions… i mean something like extruding walls from a layout that is already drawn.
I know there is a blenderCAD plugin on the way but, its not done yet.
I`ve tried to import dxf, but it pretty much fell apart, and was no use…
THNX 4 reply.


You can have precise units and placements, but Blender it’s not CAD
I’m preparing a tutorial on how to do architectural environments/walktroughs
As I say in the tutorial It’s better to start from the scratch ( following the drawing measurements) and “build” by hand
And as I say in the tut I’m not a Blender or architecture guru
Maybe someone know how to do it better

i know blender is not CAD oriented, neither is 3dmax and u can still do architectural models there very well. At least u can set the values.

do u have experience with dxf import in Blender? I imported simple polyline, couldnt be seen at all, and the lines could be seen only once they had been selected in blender…

thnk u

Hi again

As I’ve said before, i think that working with imported DXF is not
a good method
I must have my tutorial finished by the end of the week
If you want to wait, you can judge by yourself
Importing dxf can be very hasardous