Precize texture mapping with Cycles


I’m starting to be really desperate about the way how Blender implements texture mapping. I can’t figure it out. What I need to do:

  • I want to create multiple wall objects (cubes which have different sizes) with a brick texture (bitmap image).
  • I’d like to scale the texture to correct size when applying to the 1st wall.
  • Afterwards I’d like to easily apply this texture to all other walls so the brick size will be the same as on the 1st wall.

How can I achieve it?

I found this tutorial very helpful and it explains how to mark seams, unwrap a model and apply a texture to the model.

Thanks for a nice tutorial, but it was not helpful for me - it doesn’t contain anything about mapping same-sized texture to multiple objects :frowning:

Try switching your image texture node from flat to box mapping and use the Geometry -> Position as vector. You will need to add a mapping node to control the scale to get it right for your scene.

Thanks for your response. I tried your hint but there was still something wrong. In “Material” display method I could still see only faces in one axis mapped correctly, the others were still flat. But then I tried to switch to rendered mode… and Voila! The desired result was there! This is really annoying about Blender… But thanks a lot for solving my issue!

To see the correct result set the viewport draw type to textured, not material:

Thanks for hint, but “Texture” sometimes works and sometimes doesn’t - it doesn’t seem to be reliable for non-trivial objects…