precompiled sequence (and texture) plugins

Hi there, just wondering if there is anybody who has compiled the sequencer plugins (mainly for OS X Leopard but I’m sure others will be interested) as I just downloaded them from the repository and most of them give me an error (no float upgrade plugin) - I also tried compiling them myself but had linking errors and the result .so files gave the error ‘no plugin found’ when loaded into blender…



on Windows they are also broken.
same error.

If you get the no float - upgrade plugin warning the plugin should still work ok… blender is just telling you that the plugin is not float buffer capable and will only work with char buffers. Since most strips in the SE are just char buffers anyway (only if you use a scene strip or open exr images the plugin will get float buffers and probably crash)

As far as compiling the plugins goes, linux of course is totally easy…just type ./bmake plugin…

I know that it takes a bit of setup and extra work to compile dll’s for windows. A while back, in one of my plugin threads, Indigomonkey was nice enough to put together a quick tutorial on how to compile plugins for windows.

but I have no idea what it takes for mac(or macs…I know that the repository has several mac binarys, intell and PowerPC). Perhaps someone who does know how to do so could post a quick tutorial

That being said, yes, the plugins in the repository have not been kept up to date. Most of the original authors have moved on and don’t have the time or interest in updating their code. I have been working on a bunch of the plugins from the repository, recoding them to be float aware, bug free, and (hopefully) enhancing them. If you are interested in a certain plugin you can see if I have updated it yet here. The ones that are marked done have been submitted to the new bf-extensions tracker that includes python scripts, texture, and sequence plugins. They need to be tested both for bugs and for usefulness. If you like a plugin that I haven’t worked on yet, let me know and I will see what I can do.

I can only compile them for 32 bit linux though. If anyone is willing to compile these for win or mac just post here and I will get the sources to you