Predator facial animation test

Here is a small anim I’ve just finished.

Everything was done in Blender : modeling, lightning, render (Blender Internal) and compositing.
The textures were painted in Gimp and the sound was mixed in Audacity.

Medium res anim
Lowres Youtube anim

The facial moves were done with shapes, some of them were done using bones then converted to meshes with the “Fixfromeverything” script from jms. Those meshes were converted to shapes with the “RVK1 to RVK2” script by jms (thanks to him again).

The base mesh was modeled with an opened mouth because it was easier to obtain shapes with a closed one from this basis.

Here is a screen capture series of the anim.

Hope you like it

that’s amazing

Great job,
just awesome.

Very nice. One thing I noticed was that the Predator ‘dreads’ didn’t move / move realistically.


Very cool. Predator’s always been such an ugly bugger. :slight_smile:

Totally awesome!

First of all, thanks a lot to you guys (and maybe some girls) for viewing and commenting.

Alex: I agree with you for the dreads moves, but moving them with softbodies was too much time consuming so I decided to apply some rather simple shapes for them to move a bit …:rolleyes:
There would be so many things to improve, but you just have to stop a one point, so …