Predator (From the movies)

It’s not exactly like the one from the movies, but it’s going to look similar. Some of the textures in this first shot are placeholders and will be updated, like the neck ring things. I do intend to model the entire predator.

Update (Some textures I haven’t fully unwraped yet)

nice work.eyes look a bit funny, perhaps add a little glow?

I do intend to add glow to the eyes at some point, or remove the color entirely not sure which yet. Anyway here’s another update.

Personally, Id remove the color of the eyes entirely, dont add any glow at all. In the movies the predators eyes were almost black and hard to see, I think that would help make it look more realistic, right now it looks almost cartoony

The helmet is nice… though the eyes and their shape is bit wrong.
The body armor however doesnt stand up on that what you started on the helm in quality.

Very sweet, keep it up.

Eradicor I agree that the quality of the rest of the body is not as good as the head, thats mostly due to the textures though, they are just placeholders and will be updated later I just wanted to get most of the modeling done first. I also removed the yellow eyes, anyway here’s an update.

Massive texture update, some of them still aren’t final, the mesh/skin texture needs alot of improvement I know (easy to see where each square of it begins/ends).

Cant Wait Till Its Done!

Update: I worked on the arms some and have made a much better skin texture, thats about it in this one.

Fix the shape of the blades, they seem to thick to be sharp…

Love how its going myself. I think the shoulders could be a bit more broader but it kinda sucks to go back when you have already made the shoulder pads. The head looks great though. I was a big fan of the alien/predator series - including the books and comics. I was ticked off at the movies cause in the book…the girl goes with the predators to live their life.

Like the skin/scale texture,but i think it should flow sideways down his arms to look more natural.