Predator... the ultimate hunter

I’ve been toying around with this bad boy for a few weeks now, on and off, and all was going swimmingly until I added the eyes. Now I don’t think he looks bad enough!

The images with wireframe turned-on appear to be better looking so, when he gets textured, he might look better. Assuming I stick to a darker skin tone!?!?

Anyway, before I go any further I was just wondering what people thought were the good and bad points.

I decided to design him with as little polys as I could and I’ve just hit SubSurf No1 to smooth him out. If I go any higher the whole process will become a lot slower as my PC struggles to cope!

Once he is modeled and textured, the plan is to put bones in his jowells and eyebrows and give him some facial expressions… But this’ll probably take many months, if not years!!! :frowning:

So far, its hideously delightful. :smiley:

Maybe give the eye pupils a cat’s eye shape and stretch them horizontally to make them more oval/slanted than just round. The last picture seems to give the meanest look, but the eyes seem to round and friendly.