Predator - UPDATE

Hi all,

I’ve made some improvements on my WC 116 entry. Shame it’s too late to post the new one as an entry but here it is.

WC Entry:



Let me know what you think.



VERY VERY nice texture :D:D:D

modeling too, but i realy like this texture :smiley: especially this second version

Second version is definitley better. Great metal texture though.


aaa…the diffarence is only in the eyes?
i like the first one better! it looks like a mask…while the second one looks like…well…nothing!
amazing work btw!

Pretty stunning model and GREAT texturing! The bump map is really cool and so is the model, have you made the model up or made it from a pic or so?

That’s awesome!

Are you gonna do all the body?

fantastic work !!

Thanks for all the feedback. I haven’t been able to model all that much lately due to my low spirits. I’ve been looking for ways to get inspired but haven’t had all that much luck. It’s nice to hear so many good things about my work.

4go10soul: Actually if you look closely you’ll notice that the second image has more depth in terms of texture. I decided to add an extra organic-like corrosion to the mask. I didn’t want the mask to look as if it just came fresh out from the production line. The pegs in the hair also have a different texture. I felt this new texture signalled a more ancient background as it looked similar to symbols used by the Mayans.

I’ve also made a small update in the last image. The hair has slightly more colour.

Rogor: Fortunately my current desktop wallpaper is from Alien Vs Predator so I always had a source for reference when in need of those extra details.

dhanielc: I Thought about doing the rest of the body but I don’t see the point if I don’t rig it and I find rigging in Blender quite boring and the results arent always that good. I hope they make it a little more automated some day. I may still, however, model the chest-torso area so keep a look-out.

Thanks again everyone.