Predator wip...

Always wanted to do Predator bust… After some thought and lots of pics I finally decided to start… This is it so far as well as a few reference pics i am using.


A little tinkering and i thing this mask is better.


Added some things in the hair tentacle thingies.


I like the look, it’s coming along pretty nice. I could only suggest a uv map to the mask and add colors to different sections if your going to use a solid color like green. Good work!

Thanks for the comment and i have the UV already laid out. Used it for the tangent normal map but i’m not really ready to start on the final details as of yet. At the moment I’m still kinda putting things where they go. Next i have to do the head and sculpt it then another tangent map then I’ll really start messing with the UV’s and materials. I’ll keep ya’ll posted as i go. Again thanks for the comment.

Hey no problem. I used to be a big AvP series. I loved most of the movies, as they screwed up some details from the books…(girl should have gone with the predators in the end…grrrr)

but yeah, great work, I’ll watch your work and if you need help with anything feel free to give me a PM and I’ll see what I can point out or help with.

Will do. and thanks

Well i had to work all weekend but I still got in some blending time. Thought I would play around with the UV’s for fun see what I could do. And I started on the predator head and my god the mouth is a real pain to get looking half way decent. Any way this is the new stuff.


Very nice! Just remember -> Predators don’t have noses. So feel free to get rid of that little bump.

LOL that bump is the upper lip but i’m not done with it yet.
Going to start sculpting it tomorrow. And i have to add a few more edge loops here and there plus a mile of clean up.

Been sculpting for the better part of the night. I am really pleased with the way it is coming out and I have never done anything with this much detail. This is my first sculpt pass and i will be working on this for a while.


looking pretty cool so far, very clean…uuuhh…dirty?! You get it?right?

First Sculpt? Moving along pretty nicely. Keep at it. If you need help on tips for using textures and what not hit me up. Awesome work.

I have had no time lately to work on it but i should be working on it again tonight.So I look forward to Showing what i got later tonight.

Ok. I think I am done sculpting for now and this is it. He still needs teeth and a few other things but it is coming along.


I had to laugh a bit. Looks like with the no teeth thing going on that it’s like an old predator going “Applesauce!”

I know stupid remark. I’m sure it’ll look pretty good here.

Hahah thats funny! Never thought about it like that.

Wow! This is looking great! The sculpt is going well. Gonna be cool once he gets his teeth.

Hey. Thanks and I have the teeth done but i been so busy. Doing a very large mural atm with airbrush on a ceiling. And I have had zero time to work on this lately. Will upload as soon as i get back on it.

Nice work I’m looking forward to seeing what this turns out like