preference to a new build

How do i get my user settings into a new build?

For preferences I just add them, there’s usually only a few for me. I think there is a prefernces/config file that you could copy - it’s been mentioned on here b4, but I forget where. If you change your UI around like I do, it’s easy enough just to save an empty blend of that layout and open it up in the new blender version and set it as default CTRL-U.

Jay :wink:

Thank you.
I cant get this to work… File/User Preferences/Input/Export Key Configuration also for themes I do not see a import export. Its not really important. I will need to make list if I can not get it the import key config to work.

I see, you’ve moddied the key config, I’ve never attempted that as I use the stock layout. The Themes are in XML format and live in scripts>presets>interface_theme - those can me copied to your new version.