Preferred Environment

(Yes, I have researched this question and find no answers with Google or on Elysiun.)

What is your preferred environment with which to use Blender?

I am running Blender with KDE 3.3 on a Dell 2350, 2.0GHz Celeron. The graphics are managed by an Intel 82845G system. I’ve noticed that Blender seems slower than usual. I am investigating moving to a lighter window manager and seek advice.

What wm gives you the lowest latency when using Blender?

Robert the Noob

it is more likely something else with your system than your window manager

I usually run KDE and often blender is faster than in windows, but usually only for things where windows is unreasonably slow [like sometimes a background image]

so, I’m curious, what graphics card do you have?

as far as window managers go, I wanted to play with xfce, but I haven’t booted linux for some time

My machine is a Dell 2350, 2.0GHz Celeron. The graphics are managed by an Intel 82845G system.

I need to be running background applications such as a terminal window, system information, e-mail application, and browser as a minimal set. So it needs to be able to manage virtual desktops.

Xfce 3.8 seems to be a very friendly while minimal desktop. Ones such as twm or the like are extreme in their minimalization. KDE has too much baggage (ask a desktop) for efficient use of Blender. Is this a misperception? Do I need to begin shutting down background processes?

If so, are there any guides to optimizing KDE for CPU hungry programs such as Blender?


Try to use a wireframe window in stead off a solid view. If this have noticeable impact on the speed at which blender operates, then it would be wiser to buy a new graphics adapter. Your adapter shares the main memory of the system and that isn’t a good situation when working with 3d graphics.

The Geforce series from Nvidia does perform very well.

IceWM is a window manager for the X11 Window System. The goal of IceWM is speed, simplicity, and not getting in the user’s way.

That is the first two lines of IceWM homepage… It has multiple desktops and is VERY snappy. I like it a LOT!

Oh, well . . . it is your decision.

I tend to agree with zerod on that…

I don’t think that the window manager has any impact in Blender’s performance. I also would like to advise, to invest in a better graphics card and some extra memory, if possible…

Anyway, just for the records I’m using the traditional Fedora’s Gnome and I’m pretty much pleased with it…

On the whole, that’s true, but the full desktop environments folks run these days due tend to tie up resources that might otherwise be available to blender (RAM, mostly, but I could imagine a few CPU cycles being soaked up as well).

That said, I’m an old-school Enlightenment dork. High usability, snappy response (despite the eye-candy)… and no desktop environment tools… unless I want them, but I never really have.