Prehistoric creature rigged/textured model

This is a project I started mainly to familiarize myself with the whole process of modeling, texturing, and rigging a creature. I used GIMP to paint the UV textures (diffuse and bump). The eyes were also painted in GIMP and use SSS. I really like how they came out.

I plan to animate this character, but I thought that it would be useful to hear some critiques before I started in that direction.

Here, I tried out adding fur to the model, although I think it looks a bit odd:

It looks really plastic, like a toy, you should try dulling down the reflectivity and increasing hard.

I do like the eyes,

the creature looks like it would fall on its ars I think though, maybe this will help.

I agree that it looks too plastic.

Claws or nails of some sort would maybe add to it nicely.

I think that the back looks a bit angular. Perhaps consider giving it some character, like some sort of ridge or fin? Just something to break up the flatness of the back. I like the eyes, and the overall look of it.

I think that the fur effect (when the image was up, i can’t see it right now) was the way to go if you dont want to mess with your topology too much. It looked pretty decent, through the material on it was wrong (too shiny. is that spec?) and there wasn’t enough hair.

Thanks for all of the comments, I really appreciate them.

Shininess -
I think I’ll make a dedicated specular map to fix that problem.

Balance -
I thought it looked a bit off balance when I first modeled the back legs, which I would have fixed the problem then. I’ll move the feet back and maybe out away from the body.

More detail needed in the back-
Agreed. I’m thinking of adding a row of a few large particle strands along the back as spines.

I’m gonna have to play with the settings and materials a lot more to see whether or not the fur can be made to look good on this model. I think it might be pretty cool to have a little fur over the whole body, with more on the back.

I don’t know really, but I think that the limbs need to be more extended and not so scrunched up.


I like your head topology. It’s simple, effective and I cannot see any trouble in animating it.:yes:
The eyes are very well done and well-textured.:yes:

Some observations that may be of help.

-The hind limbs in a quadruped don’t bend that way. Imagine yourself standing on your fingers and toes, and your feet lengthening, with the rest of your leg shorten and you’ll get it . Get some references, preferably skeletons of dogs, horses, even real dinosaurs and study them. It will make a difference.
-The head and neck needs a better connection with the body. It seems as if the head and neck were stuck in the body.
-The “shoulders” of the creature are too square and feel artificial.
-The texture doesn’t feel “reptilish”. It looks like a plastic toy, the specularity is too even and the bumps don’t look like scales. Perhaps a specular map would help here.
-Nitpick: The teeth of the reptile seem too mammal-like. Reptile teeth, IIRC, are wedge shaped.

The hind legs, some have already mentioned, bend the other way. It does look a bit blockish, so maybe curve out the body for a more round look. Does like plastic.