Prehistoric Video Games (Blender Guru Competition)

Hello, everyone! This is the start of my entry for the Blender Guru competition. Generally, I would upload a concept image for something like this, but I drew it on paper and don’t feel like scanning it right now, so you’ll all just have to see how it develops, I suppose :smiley:

Comments and critiques are always welcome.

An update. I’m planning on lighting the “screen” with a torch.

Looking good so far :smiley: Can’t wait to see it finished!

are you gonna put like an old arcade machine in there? lol

more seriously cool looking cave

Thanks, both of you!

Another update! I think a night setting suits this scene better. What does everyone else here have to say about that?

Looking good, I am pondering what I should do for an entry myself.

right now i agree the night version is better looking, corse i don’t know what you plan on putting in it so i could be wrong

That looks awesome!
Which game is it from?

Thanks, all of you!

Blender_Blender, the final result will feature a platform game on the “screen” (the large boulder in the scene). So it’s not based so much on a specific game as a specific type of game. I’m not 100% sure if that qualifies, but I suppose I’ll find out :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice idea :slight_smile: But i must say, the day time version looked really nice!

That’s a really original idea…
Andrew recently posted that it had to be from a specific video game, but if you just make the game on the screen based of some game with prehistoric elements, I think you’ll be fine, huh?

Great idea, and so far a really nice execution. I’m thinking in terms of the rules of it being a specific game, I’m sure if the game being played on the screen/boulder is of a similar prehistoric nature you’ll be fine. Or perhaps a time-shifting game a la Chrono Trigger?