Preject Centurion

it is my first project in blender accepted suggestions.:RocknRoll:

Right now it’s only good looking assets.
If it’s your first project, don’t get stuck only creating assets.

Maybe try filling the game with some kind of npcs, like cars and pedestrians.
See where that takes you.

Looks cool, with the assets and the style. Now my suggestion is:
Use this to build a small game around a very small idea (maybe you have to go to the shop) and build a short game around that idea. I think the scene is prefect for something like that. But please don’t try to go for something massive.

Will it stay this low-poly non-texture art style?:slight_smile:

It looks really good. It’s a very flat world, so I don’t think it would work to have it very large (sand-box) because everywhere would start to look the same. Survival in an urban environment could be interesting, playing as a beggar or tramp, trying to find food in dumpsters :slight_smile:

I’ve never been a fan of life simulation games like the sims, I know some people enjoy it but I can’t see the appeal.

If you put in some NPCS and a dialog system it could make a good dialog based adventure game. It’s got a kind of 1950s Americana vibe to it, so maybe a cold war spy adventure?

Actually, You know what could make a good story? In the cold war, many of the communist nations set up “model villages” or cities, for propaganda purposes. Foreign press and academics would be invited to tour the town and see the socialist utopia. This game world looks sot of like that. All sunny and clean on the surface, but you can imagine a dark element hidden underneath.

Imagine the player is a cold war era Spy, who is playing the role of a reporter going behind the iron curtain to “Stalinville” or some such place where a defector supposedly wants to escape. When you get there you find every one seems to be very happy and content, it seems like a real utopia, but when you get back to your hotel you find a note from the defector

“The Secret Police are closing in on me! I only have a few hours, you have to help me! Signed, White Rose”

So, you have to find white rose, but who is it? No-one wants to talk openly, and there’s always a chance that the whole operation is a honey trap to catch a foreign spy.

You could introduce elements of stealth (sneaking around the city at night avoiding secret police patrols, checking people’s garbage for clues) or sabotage (plant a bomb in the power plant so you can knock out the electricity and sneak in to secret police HQ.

thanks for your opinion … you gave me good ideas…update tomorrow

Thank you … I’ll do a little work … until the moment

like good ideas