preload scene


do anyone know if it’s possible to catch out information such as information that send blender web plug-in to preload file(for.i.e. rabbit)

see here
on the end of page is downloadable demo of preload(load.blend). this example have a script that catch out info from plug-in about loading status.

my question, is there any information(loading status) that send blender, or send stand alone aplication made in blender like in plug-in?

thx jm

your grammar is a bit odd

but anyway, the activex plugin can send messages to blender using javascript [blender will give it to you as a message]

this was done on the shiny laptop demo thingy where the user could click buttons on the page and have the laptop change color.

this didn’t work in netscape, only in windows on IE

other than that [you’d have to find that example for the exact code], I don’t think it is very possible

[well, without using external python modules, which is quite possible if you make a runtime]

your grammar is a bit odd
I know :expressionless: