Prelude V

Hello everyone,

I’m currently working on Honda Prelude V model.
Now it looks like this
900 AA Samples

I’ve made car rig too. So I Could made a short video. Its noisy because resolution is 50% of 1920x1080 and there are only 400 AA Samples.

Any critique or tips will be greatly appreciated :smiley:

now it looks like this

I’ve made an animation too :smiley:

The modeling is wonderful, but the materials are simply not good enough. Try building a car paint material(there is a free tutorial on CgCookie, I think) or get one off Blendswap. Here’s one. Good luck with your project!

Here are new pics with new paint and darker wheels :smiley:

and animation

This is really good. The new paint job looks a lot better than before.

New model coming soon :smiley: