premade objects for blender

does anyone know where to get premade things for blender, I googled for it and got squat, so anyone that knows, plz help me out:ba:

Google for “blender model repository” :wink:

I can’t find what im looking for, so if someone could make 7 people, 4 boys, 3 girls, in a short period of time for me, they dont have to be good, they just need to be adequete, then I would bein debt to you and I’d really appreciate it

Closest thing you’ll find is Makehuman - google that and try that. You can make characters that way, saving them as object files, then importing them into blender - but it sounds like you want finished work, so that might not still get you anywhere. You may need to learn to model your own characters if you are looking for something specific.

If you use DAZ|Studios - the charactors can be exported as .obj (be warned tho - copywrite)(be warned again tho - VERY HIGH POLY count if you have slow or old machine)

Uh im only looking for something with a face and body, I dont acvtually need so many details, to awnser your question, craigomatic, and thx for the advice, I’ll try it

ph and maybe, i may want to put some clothes on my people, would makehuman do that?

no cloths in make human yet.
google “free 3d models” then find the models you want in .3ds or .obj or .lwo formats.
these work best. there are many sites offering many models free for personal use.

its not working, so if anyone has the time to make a person for me I’d appreciate it

what exactly is not working?

Archidom has some free models of people, men and women, both clothed and unclothed, that might be suitable. They are in max and 3ds format, only the 3ds models can be imported, so don’t bother with the max downloads.

thx but I was hopin for children that are about 12, and when i say it isnt working i meant that the file types wont open, its ok now, i found an alternative,

Are you skipping the whole part where you like, learn to actually use the 3D application to make the stuff? Really, what kind of request is this?

From seeing a few of your posts, I feel compelled to give you a little advice:

Before you post a question or request, think about it. Wait 24 hours, during which you should make three separate attempts to solve the problem yourself. After that, if you’re still stumped, wait another 24 hours. Then ask.

ok,sry, I can;t wait 24 hours, otherwise I would’ve spent my time doing this myself. Why I cant wait 24 hours is of my personal reasoning and I would prefer to keep you out of it.

P.S. Im still actually learning

This may or may not help, but I sell models on I don’t have any people, but there are tons of models in all formats there, including .blend, some free, some not.

Hmmm… so normally you would pay money if you don’t want to spend the time yourself. If you have neither time nor money …

Regardless of whether or not he spent time trying, it still doesn’t warrant you being rude, he asked a question, so answer it!

Ok, here’s the deal. The main reason no one wants to make a person for you is because we all have our separate projects we want to work on. You personal life is your personal life, I don’t wish to be a part of it. I can understand not having time to work on projects, things happen that you can’t control. I think the main thing that frustrated some people is that it came across that you didn’t want to do the hard work of actually modeling and texturing a character. As for a database of files that are what you asked for, well there are a few things you need to remember.

1)If you are looking for something tailored exactly to your needs, odd are, you’re gonna need to pay for it.
2)There are a few “repositories” as we call them, out there, but you do need to put forth the effort to look for them, I’d suggest Google or MSN search.
3)When “grabbing” files off the internet that aren’t .blend files, you need to “import” them. You can import files by opening a new .blend scene, and clicking on files–>import–>and the file type that you are importing.
*note:Most imported files can’t import armature data, or don’t have any, therefore, you are still going to need to rig the character.

Hope that helps, and HAPPY BLENDING!


search for makehuman - it has a parametric human that you can change parameters with via sliders.

Then you can export the various people you create as obj format, which can be imported into blender.

If you use a current SVN build there are even tools to autorig, and autoskin your model. Although it would still take you time to learn how to pose the models etc.


When requesting other people to help you out, it is generally considerate to give at least the most basic of information about what you will do with the work/want it for.

What is it for? (so people can make a moral decision)
Is it commercial/non-commercial? (so people can make a personal decision)
What are you trying to achieve artistically? (so people can work out what level of quality you want, and what style it is in)
What time-frame is it needed in? (so people can get it to you fast, or ignore the request if it is to late)

Requests are not wrong, and do not warrent poor responses. The better the request the less chance of a poor response.



It was not my intention to sound rude, sorry for that.
You expressed better what I tried to say.

its ok, I stayed up alll night last night making a couple of figures,even though hey’re not actually good, so to me this thread is closed