Premiere Pro users who sometimes also Edit Video in Blender

Good day, Everyone!

When I’ve made my 3D projects, I render it in (Adobe) Premiere Pro, I’ve been working with Premier since I was a kid and I’m not used to it any other way. Well my question I hope there are Premiere Pro users who are also familiar with Blender Video Editing? in Premiere is it possible to pre-edit in your preview screen so drag your clip in and cut it with in and out points and only then drag it into your timeline? I haven’t found a way in Blender that can do that yet. The reason I’m asking is because I have some fellow editors but they think Premiere is too expensive, they know it well, but I’m checking for them if they can edit within Blender and if the features within Blender are strong enough to run a fast to build a workflow? Does anyone have more experience with this? I started in Blender 2.92 and I’m now on 3.0. I looked up several YouTube videos about Blender Video Editing but my question remained unanswered. I would like to hear from you if you know more about this and does it not work the way I have it in mind, or does anyone know another solution for this?

Kind regards, Fenna.

Blender video editing is getter better, but i doubt you wont be happy if you mainly editing videos.
Take a look at alternatives like

Have you tried DaVinci Resolve?

Thank you so much, for the good tips! I really appreciate it!