Prenting problem: stretching models

I have a bow and arrow. The arrow is located in another layer. The arrows are being spawned by the bones of the bow and that works fine. but once I parent the bone to my camera, the arrows spawn as shrunk models. I don’t understand why.
p.s. I’ve had this problem before when I Parented an empty to the camera. The empty began spawning stretched models.
help is appreciated

I also uploaded a .blend of the problem to help. Here:
movement keys are asdqwe and left click is to spawn. the spawner is not parented to the camera. You should do that yourself to see the difference.
Many many thanks in advance. I hope i didn’t miss anything.

Solved----> after parenting the bow to the camera parented to the character, the arrows inherited the properties of the main character… which was sized down by me previously. therefore arrows came out shrunk. :confused: weird thing. this should be fixed.