prepapring to animate Jaco and Jano


This a still showing the characters of the short animation I am working on. The red guy is Jaco, the yellow is Jaco, and the fridge is The Fridge. I made this to take a break from rigging and texturing, and also to test yafray (I am new to Blender, love it).

The story will be very simple. It’s just to have fun animating and to get better at it.



feedback please guys, I need to know if this is going nowhere, or if it looks ok.

it looks ok.
maybe the eyes could use some work.
irises can add realism & character.
the shadows, softer.

Thanks for the suggestions. How can I get soft shadows with yafray?

I started animating with a jumping loop.I haven’t animated the arms yet. I tried several timings for the squashing and stretching and I think I like this one. It might not look that great for the moment, but I think it will work when the character will be moving horizontally too.

Wait, which is which?

They are cute, and the fridge model looks great!


the yellow in Jaco, the red is Jano.

Someone said the hands are way too small. I like how they are right now, but waiting to have more animation to decide if I should make them bigger.