prepare a button for unity 3d


i’m currently designing a button in blender for unity 3d. so far so good. I want to appear extruded text on that button (like you can see it on the screenshot below). UV-mapping is no problem regarding the polygon-button itself but it seems to be a problem to UV-map the text. I need to do this because I want to have two different colors for the button (one for the polygon and one for the text) in unity 3d. I heard that UV mapping for text in blender is possible with .dxf files. So I saved (in another application) the text as a .dxf file and imported it in an earlier version of blender (2.49b - because it is not possible to import .dxf files in a current version). But this did not work. I was not able to open that file.

All this seems quit complicated for just getting two different colors on that object in unity 3d. I’ m completely new to both applications and I just wanted to ask for help. Thanks in advance.