Prepare to transport to Light Cycle Grid!

(rndrdbrian) #1

Guess who recieved Tron 20th Anniversary 2
Disccollector Edition DVD as a birthday gift?That’s right, me!!!/me drools at thew Light Cycle sequence!I simply cannot wait for Tron 2.0 to come out onthe PC,(an image from the game) the
thought of Tron 2.0 Film leaves me weak at the knees!!! oh, look, several Tron games for Win / Linux!! :smiley: :smiley:

(rwv01) #2

I think a sequel to Tron would be cool!
It would have to involve the Internet.
Can you imagine how vast their metaphorical world would be?
The technical differences in production between the two movies would be easy to explain. Everything’s been up graded!

What kind of havoc would the MCP02.00a wreak with today’s powerful computers?
Imagine the MCP on your PDA! You’d be forced to use your old day planner!! :stuck_out_tongue:

Or maybe some hackers discover the old MCP and it becomes the basis for a sort of underground opensource project. (source available at www.useruser.evl)

(CubeFan973) #3

I hate to make you guys a little scared, but my brother (who is a movie lover like me, except he’s more biased) thinks that “Tron 2” may be rated PG-13. Why? It’s going to be based loosely on “Hearts Of Darkness,” which became “Apocalypse Now.” The film isn’t going to be called “Tron 2” or “Tron 2.0” by the way, it will be called “Tron: Killer App!”

BTW: Back when “Tron” was being made, computers couldn’t do animations in 3D though they could do stills. Thus, they had to move objects for each frame by hand. this meant that 600 frames were needed for 4 seconds of CG footage.

Also, the movie “Tron” wasn’t too big a success at the box office. The arcade games based on the movie, however, made more money than the film itself.

It was passed over by the Academy for special effects due to them thinking it was cheating using CGI. However, “The Abyss” won that award for the “Water Snake” sequence!