A new release of Legacy of Taro is coming soon, and It’s going to be so much better than the last!!! :smiley:
New features include:

Realtime water FX(ripples, splashes, water sounds)
TONS of bug fixes
A completely re-designed temple
A completely re-designed taro(main character)
And a completely re-designed sensei :stuck_out_tongue:
Ambient sounds
A boss(Finally!)
puzzles, new enemies, and more STUFF!
walking sounds! %|
better environments, and more refined gameplay!

Expect it in around a month or so, since I still have a WHOLE lot to do. :slight_smile:

:smiley: Yay! I was wondering when you would update it. So how do you do the water? Are the ripples fake?

Of course. An alpha-mapped plane, combined with a ray sensor, an emitter, and a python script does wonders for making ripples.
(emitter sends rays to check for water, then runs python script and sets z location to z location of water, then emits rippes!) :smiley:

Sounds good!

Coool :o

What are ripples?

I want to play it!

I look forword to play your game lemmy :slight_smile:

Ripples are those rings in water that happen when you splash around in it.

yea there so fun :D. erm this game any screens?

Not yet. You’ll just have to wait. Maybe If I’m feeling generous I’ll give out some… :wink:

:o :smiley: