preparing for a major project rigging

Hello everyone, I’m recently working on a full character sculpt. I’m almost done with the face. I know there are excellent topology video tutorials out there , but I wanna make sure of whichever I follow before I sink all my time that the topology I’m gonna use will work perfectly with, animation rigging, specially with the face Because I’m trying to go for a realism look and natural organic movement, work well with texturing, and hair, and any kinda of physics and particles I use it with, such as water, fire, or lightning, etc.
More then one suggestion the better and any other tips are welcome. I recently found which I think are good topology to follow but not sure they are just for a still portrait image or they can be used for animation purposes and other things mentioned above

Sintel main character from Blenderswap:

and this one:

thanks in advance.

A gem.