Preparing for college... "go fund me" page

Hello everyone. A few of you might have seen 1 or 2 of the things I have uploaded to here (maybe the only 1 or 2 things…) Anyways. I am a high school senior and am applying to school at full sail university. Last summer i took a trip down to Florida and saw the school. The work they do is amazing. Truthfully I was very scared it would be too much like a trade school and almost didn’t apply. As soon as I saw it I knew it was where I belonged and that it was somewhere I could grow. I also took a look at top accredited art colleges here in Ohio with me, and also in Fl, and looked up a few in Az and Ca. I was thoroughly underwhelmed with how any of them turned out.

I am all applied at full sail and am set to be off to college no later than next November and as early as July.

I have already begun acquiring scholarships and both me and my mother have made it a full time job searching for new ones to apply to.

Today my mom made this “Go fund me” page. To my understanding, donations are made and I can then use the money for tuition. I am not sure how many donations I will actually get with this, but I was very happy my mother set it up. She has been very supportive, despite the many other things I could choose to do.

This is my “Go fund me” page

I am trying to share this link everywhere it feels appropriate.

Whether you can make a donation or not, your support means a lot. I have seen a lot of good artists in this community. Its a very humbling place where the best aren’t afraid to ask how somebody does something, and the new comers can easily come into contact with friends who are more than willing to help. I am proud to have helped others myself and to see some of what I have taught being used by others in practice, and I have learned a lot from you all.

Again, thank you all so much for the support.
-Thornton J Strolia