Preparing meshes for gaming texturing

my first post so hi to everyone!!

I’ve included a video of the scene that I’m stuck on, for representation.

as my first post I would like to ask you guys about your workflow when preparing meshes for texturing/material for gaming.
what do I mean by this?
I have done my share of OFFLINE renders so I know how to deal with meshes UVs materials, texture and so on. but I have never done it for a game purpose. so I don’t know where to start. I know the texture atlas workflow and packing things together for less files and bla bla (combining rough/metal/ao in an rgb and so no). but where do you start?

UV unwrapping after;
- doing some neutral/seamless texture so you can apply them on multiple meshes? But then if you want to add specific details you need to completely rely on decals? and then what about curvature maps or something specific to the mesh?
UV unwrap before;
- if I unwrap them before that implies that you already know which meshes to pack together… so you should define a rule like “similar types go together”? but if then you change idea you need to reorganize them?

so yea I guess for the beginning this will help, but every extra info or something specific to your workflow you want to share please do so :slight_smile: !!

something worth mentioning is.
- I am using Substance Designer for my materials/texture;
- The scene will be imported in UE4 ( or Godot who knows :evilgrin: )
- I am using a PBR workflow and a key element of the game will be the graphics so I guess I should take in consideration the texel density.

I am not an experienced 3D artist and I am completely self taught so every bit of help and tips are immensely appreciate.