Preselection build on GraphicAll - please test! R4 ObjectMode/curves/lattice/surface!

Question : should preselected verts and edges be transparent too?

doesn’t work with my custom Maya keymaps(left select)
it seems ok with the blender maps though.

What exactly doesnt work? Circle Select should use left/right setting. Anything else failing?

with Maya keymaps it all fails… :stuck_out_tongue:
doesn’t preselect at all.

You could try Exporting your custom key configuration, then deleting it from the list in userprefs ("-" button; be wary not to lose your settings).
Then Import your saved key configuration again.

Let me know if it works!

the problem is of greater importance when there are verts in the exact same location - think of split edges! For this case, highligting for connected geometry would help i guess

You are right. But it should be more subtle than it was in the addon - it was a bit intrusive there.

Free Manipulator is great, but it should be reviewed by the UI team

That was a joke - there is no UI team atm, so we will have to do it ourselves : )

Question : should preselected verts and edges be transparent too?

Hard to say without knowing how it looks. Is it overlayed on top of the usual vert/edge, and we see both (the usual, and the one from preselection)? Then no. I suppose it is so at the moment, because the presel ones are bigger.

If it completely replaces the usual verts/edges, then I guess yes.

If it can be set that the presel ones perfectly align (in a per-pixel manner) with the usual ones, I guess also yes.

If it impacts the performance, then no.

I managed to make a new build with your patch. I’m running into the same issue too. Maya keys mess it up totally. I can’t quite figure out what exactly is going on just yet though. It seems that something in the maya keymap blocks some essential feature that’s needed for the preselection… I need to test it more.

Edit: Actually I don’t use Maya key map at all. I use Blender keys but Ive altered them to use Left click select, confirm on release, mac command key for navigation and some other things too. something in there is messing things up and I’ve yet to track it down.

IMHO is a great step forward in usability. I did a little donation yesterday, and inviting all to give something.

If you can add a little feature to blender handles your work becoming absolutely perfect :slight_smile:
I mean something like modo or softiamge for constraint into two axis:

As you can see the three circles constraint to two axis, this simple adding will make blender handles in pair with others software handles.

Good stuff.
BunkReport: R2, selecting something in Outliner causes Blender crash.

I have an opinion about border select. A VERY useful function is to have the selection marquee select/deselect everything it touches when drawn in one direction and only select/deselect everything completely within the marquee in the other direction. Use a modifier key to activate deselect. Obviously does not apply to vert selection.

If you want to see how it feels try out SketchUp (can I say that here?). It makes for a seriously fast workflow.

I always thought that it would be useful to either be have a line select tool - click drag release to draw a straight line and it selects or deselects everything it touches - could be accessed with a modifier key from border select maybe.

Also circle select is IMO a silly name - the feel of this tool is much more like painting. Paint select. Drag select. sweep select. IDK

My preference would be very strong to have ALL of the select tools use the same modifier key for deselect. SHIFT I would think but whatever. Currently picking verts, edges, faces, objects, bones, curves, etc. use this. I think it should hold true for the other selection tools as well.

UI in general - The toggling behaviour is really the most user friendly answer. As with “A” for select all/none. The fastest way out of a modal tool would be the door you went in. So why not adopt this for Border select, Knife tool etc. I guess esc is kind of universal but it could stay as well. I don’t think having different keys to get out of a different tools can be justified. Sometimes Spacebar gets you out, sometimes it commits the action, sometimes right mouse gets you out and so on. I mean if I push K to get into a tool and decide I don’t want to be there where is my finger at that moment?

Great work. You have my full support. Why would anyone not want these kind of improvements - or any improvements for that matter?

This tool will be really helpful for modeling. Thank you for your work.

Confirm the crash while selecting in outliner.

+1 for the control over all transparent effect, this happens when atl+mouse on the mesh while in face or vertices mode, but not on the edge select mode.

Watch out, someone already did that. Some GSOC project I think.

I don’t this is a thread for that… Check the UI Discussion thread, or my doc (in signature).

You are right of course. Read your paper and agree with most of it.

had no chance to test R2 yet, but this might still apply:

circle modal + changing screen crashes
circle modal + going to another view3d in same screen / changing editor to view 3d seems ok
circle modal + ctrl+B (bevel?) crashes

I don’t think it’s good to allow all kinds of events, even if it didn’t crash. What would be so bad about stopping circle select, running other ops, start circle sel again?

Putting usage text on the header is a nono

It’s actually needed, 'cause it shows what modifier keys exists, and what proportional size is currently being used. It’s convention in blender to do so, and i wouldn’t draw this info over 3d view something like that (or propose how this could be changed for ALL alike operations!).

And theres separate theme colors for UV editor. Maybe this is overkill?

Don’t think so, since each space uses its own ThemeSpace theming settings. UV verts and 3d view verts are separated, and makes sense to me to decouple them (more freedom, and if you wanted, you could change colors to equal).

I heard implementing new selection code would be part of Viewport FX GSOC?

jwilkins mentioned that he MIGHT look into replacing the current select code as part of his viewpot fx 2 project, but has not got to it (yet).

Either move around the mouse or select the one, and the other will be highlighted; but then youre stuck with the first one being selected… Im open to implementation suggestions that would solve this.

There could be two keybindings to cycle through the possibilities (depth peeling), clicking for select would pick the last selected/highlighted, and not what regular selection code would pick as first. Not easily to find a good interaction paradigm, maybe Alt + scroll wheel?

A VERY useful function is to have the selection marquee select/deselect everything it touches when drawn in one direction and only select/deselect everything completely within the marquee in the other direction.

I didn’t know about it in SketchUp! It’s useful indeed, left-to-right selects only geometry if it’s fully inside rect (if only 1 vert of an edge, then won’t select), the other selects everything that is partially inside rect (1 vert of edge = edge will get selected)

would be useful to either be have a line select tool

Hm dunno, if there was drag-select, we wouldn’t need line select I guess.

My preference would be very strong to have ALL of the select tools use the same modifier key for deselect.

Agreed, and this is something that needs to be changed in trunk as well!

Talking about custom keybinding - presel build should eventually support full customization (like trunk does + improvements)

If a mac build shows up I’ll test it. It sounds amazing, but i can already say I hate the idea of click-dragging in a certain direction affects select/deselect. That can be a cause for massive confusion and lots of selecting mistakes. Much better to use a key modifier. click-drag selects, holding down control while dragging deselects, for example.

Also, why will it be an uphill battle to include this in trunk? Just curious.

Mac OSX 10.5. Here you go:
Edit: I updated to the newest SVN…
[Removed, due to update]
And here is a debug version:
[Removed due to update]
Some things to note:

1.) even though I downloaded and replace the icons, the new one is still missing. I don’t know why but I figured it wasn’t a show stopper so I just left it.

2.) preselection does not work with some non-standard key maps like Maya and Max. Start out with the Blender default key map and alter it from there. I’m currently trying to track down exactly what it is about my personal key map that breaks preselection so the more people working toward this goal, the sooner we can correct it.

3.) For some reason, on my build the pre selection colors default to black! I have’t a clue why. Here’s how to fix this:

  • Enter Edit mode and enable preselection in the ‘N’ panel under “Mesh Display”.
  • Go to the “Themes” tab in the preferences panel and switch to “3D View”.
  • Look for preselection. There are three entrees; “preselection selected”, “preselection proportional”, and “Preselection not selected”.
  • Change these to the colors you like. You might also want to change the vertex size too.

4.) Have fun but be aware that this modification has caused several bugs. Be prepared and don’t use this for anything serious.

About navigation etc. while Circle Select is active

Ton added a comment to the Circle Select code in r55369. I couldn’t encounter any problems other than I mentioned above (mainly changing scene) however. Here’s the commit message:

To make circle select allow pass-through for view events, several issues have to be

  1. other modal ops run on top (border select),
  2. middlemouse is used now
  3. and what for tablet/trackpad or people without middlemouse?

The MMB deselection for border/circle is not optimal now… needs rethinking this.

Better would be to check on non-persistant-modality for circle, to start with gesture style
event like lasso or border can do now.

If we allowed view events, and only view events, I wonder what problems could occur?

Here’s a video me testing custom build with Circle Select passing on all events:

And I’d like to hear your opinion about Jonathan Williams’ proposal for modal select operator keybindings:

Both Box and Circle select should behave the same, using the same hotkeys for adding and removing from current selection.

  • Select with LMB
    If previous selection exists, dragging across new verts will deselect previous selection and select new area. This is consistent with regular mouse selection.
  • Add to Selection with SHIFT+LMB
    If you draw a selection while holding SHIFT it will add to the existing selection.
  • Remove from selection with CTRL+LMB
    You can remove areas from the active selection by drawing over them with CTRL+LMB. I think CTRL is superior to ALT, as it’s consistent with sculpt mode.
  • Circle Select Size with CTRL+Wheel and -+
    To adjust the size of the circle select use either CTRL+ScrollWheel or the -+ keys.

Not a big fan of preselection highlighting personally (so it’s good this is optional :slight_smile: ), but there are a few issues I noticed after testing:

  • Releasing Alt did not undo loop preselection
  • Generally there were redraw events missing on changing some options and exiting operators.
  • Alt + Lclick did not work anymore for those using Middle Mouse Button emulation.

I’m getting a crash every time I exit ‘Edit’ mode. Anyone on PC experiencing this too?

I think it might just be my Mac build but if not then we have a problem. Might also be a conflict with something in a newer SVN commit. I applied the patch to r60688. Anyone running a PC or Linux build with that revision or higher?