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Agh…my parents have done it again! They put secret codes on our Christmas presents so that we don’t know who’s are who’s :(…this year they put names of presidents on them. I’ll post the names at the end. Anyone wanna help figure it out? Our names(us who’s presents are coded) are Chris, Richard, and Jennifer…I would appreciate any help(if you’re bored or something maybe?)…I think they might’ve finally stumped us:confused:

John Quincy Adams
John Adams
Martin Van Buren
Jimmy Carter
Grover Cleveland
Ulysses S. Grant
Rutherford Hayes
Herbert Hoover
Andrew Jackson
James Madison
James Monroe
Richard Nixon
James Knox Polk
William Taft
Zachary Taylor
Harry S. Truman
George Washington
Thanks SO much in advance!!!


Try taking some of their years (first years for example, or last years or death years) and dividing them by 3, then check the remainder. Maybe all the R1s belong to one person.
But I’m Canadian, and I don’t care about presidents, so this is really a left-field guess.

Sweet…thanks for the reply, I’ll try it. Although my parents told me that it was incredibly simple…example: Last year they had a complex spontaneous number on the presents and told us that was the code, but all it was was the label placement. This year though, its not bow, wrapping-paper color, or label placement. Just think simple!

Thanks for the replies!


Just think simple!

Got it!

Your parents bought presents for dead presidents.


Number of terms served?

BTW I know barely anything about American politics

edit- President #?

6 John Quincy Adams    0
2 John Adams           2
8 Martin Van Buren     2
39 Jimmy Carter        0
22/24 Grover Cleveland 1+0
18 Ulysses S. Grant    0
19 Rutherford Hayes    1
31 Herbert Hoover      1
7 Andrew Jackson       1
4 James Madison        1
5 James Monroe         2
37 Richard Nixon       1
11 James Knox Polk     2
27 William Taft        0
12 Zachary Taylor      0
33 Harry S. Truman     0
1 George Washington    1

Edit - party?

Nah…I don’t think its the number of terms served…because you can only server two terms…three kids. Of course maybe someone was left out lol. Thanks again for the replies!

I appreciate any help I can get :smiley:

Thanks again!


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Hahaha…thats hilarious…thanks for that site by the way…I’ll have to use it on my friends…:smiley:


Anyone have any more suggestions?

Might have to do with the years of birth/deaths of those presidents and your ages. J.Q. Adams was born in 1767 and died in 1846, so that present might be for whoever is 17 or 18. Depends on which of the two years it is. The one with R. Nixon would definitely be for whichever of you who is 19.

…then again, I might be wrong and none of you is 17/18/19. Me and my crazy theories…

A through G --> oldest
H though N --> middle
O (not used) through Z (also not used) youngest?

can’t you just wait till christmas, rip open the presents, and decide that way?

What if there is no solution to the codes?
I see it possible that they just put names on the presents without any logic whatsoever. Like Lua said, Christmas’s only 2 days away :wink:

Yeah…good point about Christmas only being two days away. Also, thanks for all the help everyone I really appreciate it! Just one problem though, we can’t rip them open until we know the answer to the code…

Thanks again for all of your help!


richard nixon is for richard…jimmy carter is for jennifer…and the rest are for chris! :wink:

hmmm that is tricky…perhaps you could show us some past codes with the solutions and that might help.

Last year was just a bunch of spontaneous numbers Solution: Label placement

Previous Year was a square with random letters Solution: a decoder they made, but we logged onto their computers and found out the answer before Christmas:D(when we got the decoders)

Thats all I remember…sorry


President number or party then?

We figured out he code :D. I didn’t give you enough information about us to figure it out apparently.

Our birthdays are on the 27th the 5th and the 9th of months. The last digit of each of the birth years of the presidents coordinates with the last digit of our birthdays.

So…sorry 'bout that!


i’m glad i just read it now… i would have gone crazy trying to solve this thing