I’m wondering if I can use blender to create a kind of animated powerpoint.

I thought of using the game engine, and create a “mouse left click” sensor to activate the animation, but how do I make the engine play the next animation when the leftmouse button is triggerd, and not the same one again?

If I save the file as runtime, I will be able to play it op any PC, without installing blender right?

Thx in advance paashaasjes

(plz. note that I’m not really into python, I would like to avoid use if not neccasary, but when it is just a simple script, this will be no issue)

Some ways:

  1. python.

  2. States.

  3. A chain of control object (in hiden layer). The first spawn on start, play it’s animation(s) and detect the click. Then it end itself and add the next control object that do the same etc.

  4. Switch scenes.

I kind of always find python to be the easiest way.

1), as I said before, I’m not into it

4), I will not be able to move from dia’s on a animated way.

so onely 3&4 remain, but I don’t understand how I need to use this, can you further specify this?

thx for your fast reply!

anyone?, plz help!

This was discussed recently. Please do a search.

I just did but I could’n find a topic including this problem,

Can someone plz post a link then?

I’m so sorry to post the a topic with the same problem as it was recentely discussed.

The Matter is very simple. Create a Property and count it up with the Property Actuator if a Left Mouse Click is sensored. Then, have a Row of Left Mouse Click Sensors, each of them accompanied by a Property Sensor that looks the Property being equal to a particular Number. In simple Terms:
if LMB + prop[1]: play animation#1, prop[+1]
if LMB + prop[2]: play animation#2, prop[+1]
if LMB + prop[3]: play animation#3, prop[+1]