Presenting our projects

Hello Blender Artists!!!
We are Dogma Team, a brazilian trio starting this project with one only purpose: making games :yes:
Currently we have two paralel projects:
*The idea of one is to make everything with open source softwares for artistic production (BLENDER, inkscape and gimp) and build the game with the free version of Unity;
*The other we’re using many tools (open source or not).

We’ve made a blog:
In it we’ll post our projects development, tips and tutorials on the programs used and how we’re doing it.
We invite you all to visit our blog to comment and discuss about our work.:eyebrowlift:
We’d love suggestions and if you have any question we can answer, well do it happily!

Thanks for everybody

logo of the second project

New unity tutorial at the blog! And soon the making of the sword!

You can now test the character via our blog!!! It’s easy, just install the unity web player (free and simple) !!!