Preserved Nature - CMV test

Hey Guys:)

Long time since I’ve posted anything. I was asked to test the new CMV part 1 release and have to say that the material options and simplicity of the node setups made it very ease to use and build upon. Definitely something I would recommend to check out for the novices and advanced users out there. I’d like to thank Reynante for giving me the opportunity and privilege to test the CMV. With that here is the result I came up with. I call it Preserved Nature:) I hope you like it. All materials except the leaves on the tree and the background image come from the CMV.


Amazing! Love the idea and concept! well done!

Great story!

I really like the idea and the look of the ‘sap’ I assume it is, It’s very pleasing to the eye :slight_smile: I just feel like the orange shadow looks off, I’m not exactly sure why but it looks kind of like a big cola stain haha. Anyways good job it looks really great!

Thanks guys:) VoxelHound, the colored shadow/caustics from the amber was an issue I had to work and figure some work around for. I wasn’t getting the caustic I felt would actually happen from sunshine, just a dark shadow. So I cheated it a bit and changed the material shadow color and used a noise texture to make it irregular which I felt it should be due to internal bubbles or angle or thickness ect. So long story short the caustic are not entirely 100% accurate but close I think;) I’m glad you still enjoyed it though. Happy Blending guys.

Coll idea & composition. I love this work!

Just love this idea! this is brilliant and very inspiring !