Preserving existing shape with subdivision!

Maybe blender does this already, but I do not know. I have not found out how to make blender preserve existing shape when doing a subdivision.

So I thought about this idea. The existing vertices do not move. But the new vertex extrudes outward along the original normal.

Right it does some kind of smoothing making the model shrink. But if the original vertices do not move, and the new ones extrude. It could preserve it’s original shape while giving it more smoother geometry.

Does blender already do this with some hidden option?

That is not hidden.
By default, if you subdivide in Edit mode, shape is preserved. Smoothness slider default is zero.
By default, Subdivision Surface modifier uses Catmull-Clark method. You just have to change to Simple method to preserve shape.
With Geometry Nodes, there are 2 nodes : Subdivision Surface node or Subdivide Mesh node.
If you want to preserve shape : use Subdivide Mesh node.

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I did a little video

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There are modifiers that smooth a mesh. I haven’t used them much but maybe that will do what you need. Otherwise you can learn to add edges/loops placed to control the subdivision.

Subdivide etc. does not smooth. A flat face/polygon divided into more polygons is still flat.

Daz Studio has many subdivision methods available. Maybe there are subD add-ons with methods that change the shape less.