Preset Library for XYZ Math Surface

Here is a library of operator presets saved from the XYZ Math Surface that’s part of the Extra Objects add on.

It has 20 or so presets for different parametric surfaces, including all the examples on the wiki page ( I’ve included all the named surfaces I could find that looked like they could be used for interesting images.

The library can also be found on github (

Surfaces included

  • bonbon
  • boy
  • catalan
  • catenoid
  • clifford torus
  • cochlea
  • cosinus
  • dini
  • enneper
  • helicoidal
  • helix
  • hexahedron
  • hyperhelicoidal
  • klein
  • moebius
  • pseudo catenoid
  • pseudosphere
  • ridged torus
  • shell
  • sine
  • snake
  • stereosphere
  • torus
  • twisted torus

Here is a example image, more can be found here. (

Hope this is useful to other math blender geeks!

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thanks a lot !
i have been meaning to share such a library but have been to shy or lazy

thanks very much, awesome work!

interesting forms,will try this.thanks

Very Nice!
Perhaps some Wings3d formulas could be added too?

hi, first test:

quite a significant contribution. I love maths objects!
I would pass this site onto you if you don’t know it:
We have permissions to use Paul’s library, I probably pointed pontiac towards this when writing & others have used the wealth of information there. great job so far :slight_smile:

I’m glad the preset library is of use to people.

I’m very familiar with Paul Bourke’s geometry site. Its a great resource which I use both for work (3D measurement) and maths art.

I’ll go look at whats in Wings 3D. I know of it but didn’t know it had surface formula stuff.

PS Subscription links to threads don’t always work for me…, I’v missed all these replies.