presets in 2.5

from the 2.5 development thread:

Hmm, interesting. I’ve been thinking that presets will be a useful thing to have, would be great to have them deeply integrated into the UI. Curious design problem though. Its easy enough to have presets for a single property (as you say a right click save/load preset is ideal), but how do you set a preset for all of your render options at once? A particle system? A 20 node material network? If you’re preset is made to work on 10 nodes, but you only want the values applied to 5 of them, is that doable? If you load a preset should it create nodes if they don’t already exist?

Does anyone know of other apps that have a working, easy to use preset system? Maya’s one operates per-object/per-node, can be blended in 10% increments (although this is rarely used), and can’t create or delete connections or nodes, only set attributes. After effects has a preset library that can both create new objects and set attributes, but I don’t know much more about it than that.

Other things to consider is how these presets get stored, as I can imagine it’d be very useful to be able to share them easily with others, build libraries of presets, share them per-shot/per-project/per-team/online.