Great addon. Thank You! Imo should be by default in Blender

Do You plan add preset system for this section:

Can you update this , it seems I cannot install it with 2.81 or 2.82

Also did you made any push for this being shipped with Blender ? It just integrates flawlessly

PresetterProfessional has been updated for 2.81 and 2.82 compatibility. Currently the only place to find the cursor presets is in the N panel. They are not in the Pivot Point dropdown anymore. While I plan on adding additional features in the near future, for now the functionality of 2.80 should be there.

edit: the original link to the 2.82 version produced a zip file with a period in it. Blender doesn’t like zip files with “2.82” in the name. I have fixed the link.


Is anyone else getting this error, and know how to solve it?

Presetter Pro Error

If you go to the download link and then take a look at the upper left edge of the screen you’ll see the Branch dropdown. Switch from master to 2_82 and you’ll get the build for blender 2.82+.

This is still a work in progress. Hopefully I’ll find some time to work on it some this weekend.

Thank you @dpdp for this very useful add-on.
I agree with Pinhead and Orphydian, it would deserve to be in Blender by default, in the community add-ons list.

Could you please add an option to save presets on the “Bevel operator dialog box” that appears after pressing CTRL+B?

I completely agree that this should be a packaged addon. The one thing making me hesitant on pursuing that is I really don’t have a lot of time to maintain it at the level it should be maintained.

I like the idea of having presets for the bevels. I’m REALLY not a fan of the bevel panel layout, so the less I have dig into that panel, the better. I’m thinking it would store everything except the offset value. That way, you could Ctrl+B set the size interactively, and then chose a preset to set profile, offset type, etc.

Oh, I hoped that PresetterProfessional could have stored the offset value too.

Just a bit out of topic but among the following UI mock-ups for the Bevel panel, which one do you prefer?

(scroll down for more mock-ups)

Encountered an error. I think it is caused by using custom studio lighting — .sl files.

Failed to execute the preset: TypeError('bpy_struct: item.attr = val: enum "" not found in (\'basic_1.exr\', \'basic_2.exr\', \'basic_dark.exr\', \'basic_side.exr\', \'blurry_red_plastic.jpg\', \'blurry_silver.jpg\', \'ceramic_dark.exr\', \'ceramic_lightbulb.exr\', \'check_normal+y.exr\', \'check_rim_dark.exr\', \'check_rim_light.exr\', \'chrome_home.jpg\', \'clay_brown.exr\', \'clay_muddy.exr\', \'clay_studio.exr\', \'jade.exr\', \'matcap_adv_shiny_black_plastic.exr\', \'matcap_adv_trwp_skin_rim.exr\', \'metal_anisotropic.exr\', \'metal_carpaint.exr\', \'metal_lead.exr\', \'metal_shiny.exr\', \'modo_default.jpg\', \'modo_gooch_tone_shading.jpg\', \'modo_reflection.jpg\', \'modo_shaded.jpg\', \'nidorx_chrome.png\', \'nidorx_satin_black.png\', \'pearl.exr\', \'reflection_check_horizontal.exr\', \'reflection_check_vertical.exr\', \'reflective_red.jpg\', \'resin.exr\', \'skin.exr\', \'toon.exr\', \'MayaMatcap.exr\', \'MudboxBlue.exr\', \'MudboxBrown.exr\', \'MudboxGreen.exr\', \'MudboxGrey.exr\')')

Looks like the addon tries to look for matcaps instead of studio light files when trying to load viewport settings.