President Obama Caricature

Modeling: Blender 2.49RC1
Textures: Blender 2.49RC1
Lighting: Blender 2.49RC1
Render: Blender 2.49RC1 Internal


Quite nice, i especially like the flags, they look nice.

excellent work - got any other angles?

Looks nice, but I think his nose is usually stuck up in the air is’nt it? Lol, seems like I never see a picture of him without his nose in the air, I don’t know why he does that, I guess he thinks it makes him look more sophisticated, but to me it just makes him look snobbish. Looks really good though, you did a good job, chin has some weird shading though, a texture problem?

I think it looks great. Im working on characters myself. Staring to get the bodies right.

I would say that the stare on his face means the teleprompter is blank, and well, he’s stuck.

Great image !
I noticed a funny detail : Because of the background, he seems to have a ring at his left ear !

Without materials.


looks better then the original!

Nice! How long did that scene with the flags take to render, and have you had any problems with 2.49 RC ??


This was done with Blender internal at default settings. Took 2 min. I have a gaming PC with a fast dual core processor. No hiccups with 2.49 RC1…

I agree with Alienkid10, the model looks beter without the materials.

For some reason the rendered image reminds me of those 3D interactive gameshow hosts. I cant remember which one, I think it was for a playstation game.

Yall are a tough crowd. I have just been introduced to 3d art two months ago.

I’m glad to see somebody doing political caricatures. I was thinking that it would be a fun BA contest before an election. I think the shape of his head is off a bit - it needs to be wider at the top. And take a look at Obama’s skin color, I think you’re a bit too dark. I think it just needs a few tweaks to be a good caricature, though. Especially with only 2 month’s experience. Keep at it!

The model is great and spot on. For 2 months worth of 3D work that is an amazing result.

That is wonderful work, you could do political cartoons with this model heh.