Pressed Shift+C - now viewport rotation all wonky

Hi guys,

So doing some basic modelling, i left clicked accidentally so the 3D cursor changed places, i wanted to get rid of it, so i pressed shift+c, now when i rotate in the viewport to try and view my model, it’s rotating weirdly, it basically is spinning so my object will be out of view for some angles; now i have to rotate a bit, pan, rotate a bit, pan etc.

How do i default/reset the Blender viewport rotation?

EDIT CLARIFICATION: when i say it’s rotating weirdly, i meant the viewport is rotating weirdly, it’s like the viewport is rotating on a weird axis point.

Thanks guys.

Check out User Preferences, Interface tab - Rotate Around Selection. Helps to not to get lost on lot of occasions.

Or NumPad . (point) key!

Hi guys thanks for the replies; I know about those two methods; however it is still not the same as the default viewport rotation.

Say if i use “.” or “rotate around selection”, say if i modelling a very high object, when im trying to rotate and see the very top of the model, i still need to rotate, pan, rotate, pan, etc to get a good angle.

However i find if i start again with a blender default scene, then model from there and avoiding to press shift-c, rotation(of the viewport) is perfectly fine.

Argh, this is doing my head in…

Use the “point” key inside and outside “Edit Mode”?..

It does do this. As you know , if your rotating around an object and press shift-c it re-centres the cursor, but it also moves the viewport (i don’t know why - but I’m sure someone will). So the viewport is no longer aligned to face object, but it’s still rotating around the objects origin, therefore as you’re not looking at it but rotating around it, you get that weird rotation. At least I think thats whats going on.

Anyway, as others have suggested, number pad “.” should re-frame your object in the 3D view. It has to be the Numpad one though. If you have problems with that you could always go into front ortho, find your object, and reselect it (rotate around selection)

EDIT: oh also, make sure you haven’t accidentally pressed shift 1, 3 or 7. That’ll go into front, side or top view for the current selection based upon the normal direction of selection. That really boxed my head the first time I accidentally did that, but it’s really powerfull when you intend to do it.

that is because Shift c is meant to not only shift the cursor to the center, but to SHOW ALL THE STUFFZ. thats why it moves the viewport.

to anybody still having this problem with a wonky/ slanted view port use the num pad ( IE. 1 or 3 or 7 or 9 ) to re centre the view port

this should remove the slant